Sunday Brunch at Chapter One in Santa Ana, CA

As gastros, my girlfriend and I look forward to every single opportunity to venture out and explore new spots to indulge our foodie senses. Yesterday was yet another one of those days, as I woke up to find my girlfriend already hard at work bouncing back and forth between Yelp and DishClips, trying to plan our Sunday brunch. We knew what we wanted: amazing food, endless Champagne, and most importantly the chance to discover something new. I’ll spare you the whole process of us debating, calling on (restaurants), and looking through dozens of pictures and video clips. What resulted (after about an hour or so … think of it as foreplay) was something unexpected uttered by her … “this place is in Santa Ana,” she said. She was referring to Chapter One, a delightful spot in the heart of Santa Ana (a place we don’t normally frequent, or at least look for when it comes to dining, but lesson learned). We decided we would give it a try though, and headed to what ended up being one of the most amazing brunches we’ve had in a long time.

Chapter One’s menu is a simple, one page showcase of the delicious surprises awaiting diners. We didn’t waste any time and placed our orders for the endless champagne which was accompanied by a flight of fruit juices. On his second visit to our table, our server took our orders: the Salmon Hash, and the Southwest Etoufee Benedict. Seriously, I’m not going to tell you how great the food is, but I STRONGLY urge you to plan on visiting the joint for yourself and giving it a try. Reluctantly (I didn’t want to spoil the first impression for you) I’m gonna give you a sneak peak at what’s in stored for you.

Southwest Etoufee Benedict

Southwest Etoufee Benedict.

Salmon Hash

Salmon Hash.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Jeff, one of the managers and partners. I’m certainly looking forward to shooting their entire menu in the near future, and who knows, we may even get a “DishStory” going on them. They certainly deserve the spotlight.

On a side note, and perhaps this was fate…walking back to our car with big smiles on our faces, we happen to see a stray Chihuahua wandering the streets. We ended up picking him up, putting him in our car and driving him to the OC shelter in hopes that he will find a home. Big shout out to all of the folks at the shelters by the way, selflessly caring for these lost animals.



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