Food Star

Are you looking to show off your favorite places, food combinations, and ultimate food challenges like other food network stars?

Every food star had to start somewhere, whether by blogging, being passionate about food, or even a mission to find the best eats around America. Here at DishClips, we can’t think of a better way than with DishClips iPhone app soon to be released. With this new foodie app, showing your videos to show off your favorite restaurants can be a great way to hit the ground running.

But don’t just take our word on it, check it out on our IndieGoGo page coming soon!

Dishclips’ IndieGogo Campaign to Launch This Week!

Now that we have our new team assembled, it is time to take it to the next level. We at Dishclips are very much excited to launch our IndieGogo campaign this week. As we have mentioned before, we are doing a IndieGogo campaign to get our official Dishclips phone app available for mass market. We already have our 6th beta version tested out and  we have been getting some great feedback. Our IndieGogo launch video is completed and all we have to say is that we really amped up the cute factor and the fancy hi-tech factor. We are very excited to have everyone see this video as we have put in a lot of hard work and actually pulled off getting the right shots with our kid actors. We are going to spread awareness of this campaign like wildfire and get everyone we know to help spread the word to make this campaign a success.

Interviews with Our Internship Candidates are still underway

We are very excited to hire some new faces for our summer internship program. The team of interns are shaping up nicely. We are still looking for candidates for the Marketing and Management departments. Anyone who is currently pursuing their M.B.A. or  interested in getting work experience and building up the resume are encouraged to apply. Send a resume to and we hope to hear from you!

Going to Get Some New Faces in the Dishclips Office Soon is currently conducting interviews for our summer internship program. We put out notices this past weekend and we got an overwhelming response in a couple of days. We are currently looking for interns in the fields of Software Development, Marketing, Management, Mobile Graphics, Human Resources, and Digital Art/Graphics Design. We are talking to some brilliant candidates in the computer science and computer graphics field and we hope to give them some new experiences for their future endeavors. We are excited to bring some new faces on board to help further the Dishclips brand. Will Need Your Support on Kickstarter Soon

As we have mentioned earlier, made a video that will help with the Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a great platform for anyone with an idea and some drive to help bring said idea to life. hopes to make this campaign successful by spreading the word and get support from those who believe in the idea. If successful, the idea will hopefully revolutionize the way food lovers and foodies exchange and share the dishes they love. When we launch the Kickstarter campaign, we hope to have the support of food lovers and foodies or anyone who believes in our idea to see this through and help make it come to life. We are working hard in perfecting our idea for our Kickstarter campaign and spreading the word to make it come into fruition.

First Alpha Release for Dishclips’ iPhone App to Debut Soon needs your help. We mentioned earlier that is in the process of developing an app for iPhone users. Now, the first alpha release of their new iPhone app needs iPhone users to test it out. Be one of the first to get a feel of being an instant video food blogger and share your favorite restaurant meals to friends and fellow foodies from all over.  With this testing, Dishclips hopes to perfect this platform for diners and foodies to share their food experience through video and Facebook integration. Again, in order to perfect this app, we need iPhone users to test this out and get a feel for how it works.

Dishclips To Release a Short Film for Kickstarter Project

Dishclips is excited to announce that they will release a Kickstarter video very soon. The cast in the video comprise of very adorable, precocious kids. Dishclips went through a rigorous audition process to find the right young actors to pull off saying some very complicated dialog and acting kind of like, well…grown ups. When we say very young, we mean between the ages of 3 to 8. Each young cast member have either been in music videos, commercials or plays, so they do, in fact, have acting experience. A future Oscar winner in our midst, maybe? Filming took a couple of days to finish and included a few special effects with a green screen. The video was made in association with Developing a New iPhone App

Imagine that you can share your dinning experience in an instant to hundreds or thousands of food lovers from all over. We are not talking about just a still picture, but a video to share with friends and fellow foodies. is doing just that! is in the process of developing an iPhone app. With this app, hopes to offer all the features from their website with the convenience and accessibility of an iPhone app. The app really ups the ante in terms of food blogging and sharing. Up until recently, DishClips has gone to restaurants and filmed some signature dishes from each restaurant with their own camera on their own stage. With this app, it will enable users to upload their own DishClips videos from any restaurant, anywhere, at any time. This will put the content creation in the user’s hand and create a platform where users can share their food experience in the most effective way possible, through video. The app will fully integrate with Facebook so sharing, commenting and connecting with other foodies will be easy and intuitive. With this app, it is possible to do some impromptu food blogging. So, in the palm of one’s hand, one can share what he/she is eating at the moment, see all their favorite restaurants’ dishes and find out where the nearest eateries are. hopes to launch their app very soon. Sponsors OC Metro’s 40 Under 40 Event

On May 16, 2012, OC Metro held their 40 Under 40 event at The Resort at Pelican Hill located in the Newport Coast. was one of the sponsors and attendees for the 40 Under 40 event; which recognizes young professionals, all under the age of 40, for their accomplishments in business, philanthropy, government, and healthcare. Other sponsors for the event included title sponsor, Wells Fargo, and Executive Sponsors Cox Business, East West Bank, Latisys, United Way and Union Bank. Also, other notable companies offered their support for the event, as well, including Kaiser Permanente, the Orange County Business Council, Brandman University, UCI, and many others. Nearly 450 local business executives and entrepreneurs were in attendance and senior vice president and regional president for Wells Fargo Bank, Ben Alvarado, gave the opening speech. OC Metro Publisher Steve Churm handed out the framed accolades to the honorees. Each honoree received a custom framed commemoration with the honoree’s photo and text that is highlighted in the magazine. founder, Tan Rezaei, was one of the honorees for the event.


DishClips co-founders speak at Cal State Fullerton

Startups were the hot topics of the day at Cal State Fullerton’s Entrepreneurship Department’s classes on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. The Center for Entrepreneurship at CSUF, headed by author and professor, John B. Jackson (known to his students, friends, and colleagues as JJ), welcomed DishClips for a day of discussion with the seniors majoring in entrepreneurship. Tan and I spent the day speaking to two of the classes and engaging the students in discussions around the process of taking an idea and forming a viable business. Sub-topics included business plans, raising capital, forming the initial team, technology and development, sales and marketing, user acquisition, and a myriad of other challenges and opportunities startups face during the first year of formation and launch.

This was truly a terrific opportunity to not only share our insights with students, but to also gain perspective from a group of inquisitive minds that were not shy to challenge us and ask some thought-provoking questions. We wish to thank each of the students for their participation and engagement, and for allowing us to pick their brains a bit as we left with some rather fresh ideas to consider as we continue to improve the DishClips site and business model.

Last, but definitely not least, we wish to acknowledge JJ (John Jackson) for first returning my call(s) which led to a meeting and ultimately to this wonderful day of learning for all.

We encourage you to follow: @NewVenturesCSUF and @johnbjackson.

Now, jump on and discover what you’ll be having this weekend at your favorite local restaurant!